No one wants to have their vehicle towed, but it can happen. If your vehicle is towed to a tow company’s lot, or impound, you might wonder what you end up paying for when you retrieve your vehicle. 

Administrative costs

There are obviously some administrative costs associated tied to your tow bill. We have systems and utilities to pay for, including our phone lines, electricity, and more. We also pay for the property, property taxes, licenses, and insurance. 

Employee costs

There is a dispatch employee who takes the call and schedules a driver. There is at least one driver and maybe two, depending on the situation. Once you are ready to retrieve your vehicle, the front office staff takes that payment and the impound lot staff takes you to your vehicle. For Martin Wrecker, there are 4-5 people minimum who are involved in your tow. 

Truck/Fleet costs

Our trucks need regular maintenance, gas, tires, and more to pass DOT inspection each year. We keep our mechanical systems up to date and ready for whatever our customers need. We also have the expense of gas, which is never cheap. 

When you pick up your vehicle from our lot, you might not think about all of those expenses, but we have to. We also have to make sure that we don’t make mistakes. 

It’s extremely important for you to be prepared when you need a tow or when you need to get your vehicle out. If you don’t have everything you need, you might incur additional expenses. 

We do our best to keep our prices affordable while still maintaining excellent customer service and safety.

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