Motorcycle towing takes skill And the right equipment.

We specializes in the safe transportation of motorcycles. This can include towing a motorcycle that has broken down or been in an accident, as well as transporting motorcycles for long distances or between locations.

Martin Wrecker Small Towing Truck in Kokomo

01. safe

Our professional towing operators will handle your motorcycle with utmost care, using soft straps and a specific motorcycle trailer to ensure a safe, damage-free trip for your motorcycle. Have a scooter or moped? We’ll take the same care with those!

02. fast

Don’t leave your broken down bike on the side of the road. We respond quickly to tow your motorcycle to the safety of your home or to a repair shop.

03. Affordable

We have affordable motorcycle towing rates because our experience, efficiency, and equipment allow us to do the job better and faster than less experienced and under equipped towing companies. Trust your beloved bike to the Martin Wrecker.

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