Sometimes people are confused to learn that their car has been towed or why they have fees associated with their tow. 

We’re here to clarify some circumstances around why vehicles are towed, what rules we have in place to ensure the owner’s safety, and what that tow bill pays for. 

Why could I get towed?

There are many reasons you might get towed. If you park illegally on the street, on a road, or in a parking lot, you can be towed at the city or lot owner’s request. Often, a city’s Department of Transportation will hire wrecker companies to monitor lots, streets, and roads and tow accordingly on their behalf. Lot owners may do the same, but often, they will call if a vehicle has been on their lot for a period of time. 

Another reason a vehicle may be towed is if it has improper license plate tag, if a homeowner calls to have a vehicle removed, if it’s left along the roadway wrecked,, or if it’s stranded on the side of the road. Most often these vehicles will be tagged by an officer and after the tag expiration, a wrecker is called in to tow the vehicle. 

As a licensed, experienced towing company, Martin Wrecker tows a vehicle when it is legally permissible to do so. The city or county, Department of Transportation, lot or landowner, or vehicle owner has requested our assistance. Often, it upsets those who own the vehicles to see that their vehicle has been towed, but it is a driver’s responsibility to monitor their vehicle and make sure they are not parking illegally. 

We are not responsible for calling an individual whose vehicle has been towed.

Can just anyone take my vehicle?

To protect our drivers and the vehicle owner, we follow processes meant to ensure vehicles are cared for properly and owners’ possessions protected. 

That means:

  • We only tow vehicles with the proper paperwork or requests.
  • We use the safest protocols to hook up your vehicle.
  • We do not alter your vehicle or riffle through any of your belongings.
  • We permit you to retrieve your belongings with identification and registration.
  • We do not permit vehicle pickup without the proper documentation, identification, and authorization.

We also do our best to keep your fees to a minimum. 

What am I paying for when my vehicle is towed?

Martin Wrecker strives to keep costs low, but when you choose Martin Wrecker, you are choosing a licensed and insured company. 

When your vehicle is towed, your tow bill includes expenses like:

  • Employees and staff
  • Vehicle gas and maintenance
  • Land, which includes taxes, insurance, and fees
  • Licenses, insurance, systems, and processes

We keep our costs to customers low, but we have a responsibility to our customers, our employees and staff, our community, and our state to maintain a reputable, safe business.

We’ve had a few negative reviews in our 85 years in service, but many of those are simply because people make mistakes and want Martin Wrecker Service to pay for their mistakes. We can empathize and feel badly for the mistakes a person makes, but we refuse to pass the cost of that mistake onto our employees or our community. 

Now that you know the cost breakdown, if you’re in need of a tow, give us a call today with the confidence that we do things the right way.

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